Tandoori Specialities

Why not try these healthy & exciting dishes. All these grilled dishes comes w/ a fresh salsa salad & cooling mint yoghurt dip. The meat is marinated & seasoned w/ fresh herbs before & whilst cooking in the tandoori oven for an exquisite fragrance

  • Tender pieces of chicken / lamb marinated in special selection of spices. Served w/ a salad

  • Chicken marinated in ginger & garlic paste w/ chef’s selection of herbs & spices w/ yoghurt & mustard oil

  • Jumbo prawns delicately marinated in mixed herbs & spices, w/ black pepper & dill, served w/ salsa

  • Tender​ lamb chops marinated in herbs & spices & grilled in the tandoori oven

  • The ultimate tandoori experience treat yourself w/ the entire platter of tandoori selection

  • £9.95

    Prime cubes of salmon matured in a mildly spiced marinade of dill, fennel, ginger, honey & a trace of mustard oil

  • Chicken / lamb marinated in special selection of spices; together w/ tomatoes, peppers & onion

  • £10.95

    Breast of duck marinated in mixed spices, garlic, ginger & yoghurt. Served w/ a green salad

  • Jumbo king prawn marinated in special blend of herbs & spices & cooked in the tandoor w/ fresh tomatoes, peppers & onions

  • Monkfish marinated in special herbs & spices & cooked in the tandoor w/ fresh curry leaves & lime leaves to give an unique flavour